We believe that a methodological, scientific and holistic approach to sustainability and innovation is a strategic theme.

In this sense, COIMA Roots has been developed: a holistic approach to responsible investment, development and real estate management.

It has been a year of intense structural work and strategic planning for the future. The real estate market is going through a time of profound change, with a number of global trends transforming real estate products and services offered. Climate change, digital transfomation, demographic change and urbanization are issues that coima aims to evolve from “risks” to opportunities for economic and social value-creation on behalf of its investors.

The platform has integrated United Nations’17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its strategies and has embraced paths aimed to innovate industrial processes, with closer attention focused on people and natural resources. The objectives are aimed at achieving a more sustainable world for future generations by 2030.

In order to achieve the objective of sustainable economic development, which encompasses environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), COIMA has decided to become a member of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), an institution that verifies the ESG performance of real estate investment vehicles.


Return to our Roots

Making nature and the human being the core of the project. Integrating the principles of nature within Real estate, giving priority to the containment of consumption and resources, to the principles of economic circularity of materials and the building in property development. Intervening in the urban context surrounding development.

Feel well

Ultimately, the spaces we live in, whether it be for leisure, work or residence, convey sensations. COIMA’s operative platform also operates in the management of buildings and spaces to keep them efficient, clean, tidy and beautiful. We believe that the adoption of a functional, essential and sustainable design can harmonize the people who live within the inside and outside spaces and that this principle can extend on an urban scale so that it can effectively increase economic and social value.

Enabling technology

Technology is increasingly an integral part of our daily life. We believe it can be the tool with which sustainability, health and well-being objectives can be achieved, paying attention to using technology with a purpose and ensuring that it is a tool at the service of people.

Be responsible

Working with high ethical principles is the way to be able to operate as a fiduciary partner to all stakeholders, be they citizens, investors, operators, authorities and communities.