COIMA SGR considers the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its investment process to be of fundamental importance, firmly believing that these elements, in addition to fostering sustainable economic and social development, can contribute positively to the financial performance of the funds and reduce their risks. Financial market participants committed to integrating ESG criteria into their strategy are seen as capable of generating sustainable profits over time and, as a result, of creating a solid prospect of value creation for all stakeholders. This allows for more efficient risk management, including environmental and social risks, which have a negative impact on the assessment of individual investments. Identifying and managing such risks is part of the fiduciary duty to protect the value created over time for investors.

COIMA Sgr, in compliance with Art. 4 of the EU Regulation 2019/2088, has adopted the "comply" approach to considering the negative effects of its investment decisions on ESG sustainability factors (Environment, Social, Governance).