COIMA has established the Values Task Force which is comprised of 16 members, all selected from voluntary candidates from all of COIMA’s companies. The main objective is to analyse the company’s five primary values (integrity, independence, excellence, ambitious and rigorous business approach and sustainability) and to create opportunities to ensure that these values are integrated into the day-to-day work of COIMA’s staff.

The Task Force was conceived to solicit widespread participation and rotation of its members, in order to ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to take part. For this reason, each year, the employees are given the opportunity to submit their candidacies.

The following table illustrates the activities proposed by the Task Force and the status of each project:

Progress state of the 2018 initiatives

COIMA GREENER Improvements in waste collection, activation of printing throught badges, reduction in the use of plastic bottles.
COIMA KNOWLEDGE SHARING PROGRAM Organization of seminars for updating and sharing lessons learned.
COIMA RESPONSIBLE Organization of charitable sales to support non-profit entities and days dedicated to participation in corporate volunteer programs.
COIMA INCENTIVE SYSTEM Revision of the corporate incentive system in order to clarify and make more transparent the criteria for incentives, aligning the procedures applied for the performance reviews among the various companies of the Group.
COIMA INNOVATION AWARD Organization of a contest of ideas aimed to simulate the personnel's spirit of enterprise, creating opportunities for the employees to propose innovative projects.


Dialogue is one of the fundamental elements for maintaining and strengthening relationships with people, inside and outside the company. With a view to greater involvement of its collaborators and information sharing, COIMA organizes quarterly meetings called "Corporate Updates", dedicated to the performance of the company and of the market and with business forecasts. In this context, together with the CEO and the managers of the company even the youngest can be protagonists by presenting practical cases and new ideas to all colleagues.

In addition to these update sessions, COIMA organizes other less conventional appointments in which employees or external speakers share their experience with regards to issues and real cases, occurring in the context of their daily working life. This is the case of the "Knowledge Sharing Program", promoted by the Values Task Force and structured in periodic appointments that are divided into three categories:

Knowledge sharing - expertise and typical aspects of daily work
Lesson Learnt - Lessons learned from managed projects
Excellent speakers - participation of external speakers to discuss the most innovative topics in the sector

Furthermore, every two years a three-day corporate retreat is held which involves all employees to generate and strengthen a spirit of cohesion, enthusiasm and a sense of belonging. The COIMA Retreat comes from an internal competition, open to all COIMA people, in which various teams compete in the preparation of a proposal that includes both organizational aspects and those related to content. The vote of the colleagues, added to that of a jury in charge, for 2018 has selected Trentino Alto Adige as the winning proposal with the theme "In COIMA to the summit". The program included team building sessions aimed at strengthening relationships between colleagues and addressing common improvement issues related to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

There was no lack of fun moments that helped to immerse the participants in the uncontaminated nature of Trentino Alto Adige, an excellent example of sustainability and attention to the environment, themes on which the foundations of this COIMA Retreat were founded.