COIMA SGR views material issues as the link between the evolving scenario, with its defining trends, and the creation of the strategy for the sustainable development and success of the business. Therefore, the materiality analysis is periodically reviewed to maintain a clear, forward-looking vision of the main risk areas and also of the potential areas of opportunity for continuing to create value through its business, in a medium-long term perspective.

In 2020, as well as by the acceleration of action to contrast climate change, the reference scenario was strongly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sudden transformations were triggered in economic and social life, including the need for social distancing, which accentuated trends already present, especially the spread of remote working, also facilitated by the diffusion of digital technologies. The company has given careful, in-depth consideration to all these factors, also at the IX edition of the COIMA Real Estate Forum, the traditional annual event, which in October 2020 brought investors and industry professionals together remotely to present and discuss the scenario on the Italian property market.

Material topics are examined and represented from both sides, externally in terms of the expectations of the company’s stakeholders, and within the company, as an expression of sustainability strategies.

COIMA’s response to the challenges of the scenario
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