We have developed the decarbonization plan for more than 50 percent of the portfolio under management, with the objective to align the properties under the Paris Agreement decarbonization pathway. All our new products under construction target the alignment with at least one of the European environmental taxonomy objectives, qualifying this activity as sustainable investment.

Stefano Corbella

Sustainabilty Officer, Sustainable Innovation Committee Secretary

Material issues include the most relevant social, environmental and governance aspects. This is seen from a dual perspective - impact for the Group, and relevance for the external framework and stakeholders.
Material issues are standardised at Group level under the Global Reporting Initiative requirements.

Considering the drivers outlined and the comparisons with its reference stakeholders, a new environmental aspect was introduced to the 2020 material topics: “Protection and preservation of ecosystems”. Additionally, there has been a need to stress the focus on asset quality, and the involvement of tenants and the local community, therefore, the “Quality of Urban Life” aspect became “Inclusive and Sustainable Communities”, to underline the value that COIMA gives to the surrounding community.

COIMA’s response to the challenges of the scenario
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