COIMA Headquarter is located in over 2,000 m2 of glass and iron embraced by two wooden wings that extend into Piazza Gae Aulenti towards the center of Porta Nuova. The building, overlooking the "Library of the Trees", stands in the area that more than any other illustrates the close relationship between COIMA and the city of Milan: the energies and dreams that have rooted the company territorially are concentrated right in the redevelopment of this area.

This is why the building is designed to relate to its context, starting from the harmony of shapes and materials studied by architect Cucinella in an exploration of the theme of transparency; designing an element that naturally integrates with the park and the buildings of Porta Nuova.

To create an optimized and in tune with residents’ human space, COIMA launched "Naturally Connected" in the design phase; a process of listening to collaborators aimed at identifying work habits and their effective use of space. Over the course of two months, a real "workplace analysis" involved the people working in the company in a collaborative process in which the objectives of wellbeing and quality of work guided organization of new spaces, which today reflect the people on whom and for whom they are built.