COIMA’s people, with their valuable skills and knowledge, are a precious capital asset, managed and developed to ensure that its human resources always represent a competitive factor for the company and the entire COIMA platform. COIMA’s success and position as one of the leading platforms in its space is thanks to its Incredible people and their ability to work as a unified team.

Younger workers, in particular, are increasingly eager to identify with and to feel part of an organisation inspired by ethical values and a long-term vision, which can be expressed as a shared purpose. COIMA knows that, in a complex, fast-evolving market, attracting the motivated, conscious and professional people is increasingly crucial to creating a corporate culture, which puts people first and makes them feel part of a connected community.

COIMA guarantees everyone the same rights and opportunities regardless of race, culture, religious background, gender, sexual orientation and political beliefs, and works to ensure that differences in culture, character or aptitudes are considered and promoted as an asset to the company, making it stronger and more future-oriented day by day.


Employment and recruiting

As of 31.12.2020 COIMA has a workforce of over 250 employees and collaborators, with a high level of skills and professional specialisms, and a positive mix of generational and gender diversity.