COIMA’s human capital is integral to growth and constitutes its primary asset. Through personalized technical and managerial training programs, COIMA invests in the development of its people, providing to them all instruments necessary to ensure the ongoing improvement of their professional careers.


    The experience and expertise of COIMA’s resources in the real estate sector are solid and continuously growing: 45% of COIMA’s collaborators have more than ten years of experience and over 15% have worked at COIMA for over 10 years. Lastly, 36% is younger than 35, a testament to how the company strongly believes in the value added of a team in which top management invests in young talent, with a view to facilitating proactive involvement and mutual trust.


    COIMA dedicates much energy to researching and attracting the best talents on the market; people who demonstrate great professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm and are eager to contribute to the growth of the company by sharing and representing its values. Excellence, integrity and entrepreneurial spirit are indeed the distinctive characteristics of our people.


    COIMA believes in Performance Reviews and feedback culture as powerful tools for personal and professional development. We thus encourage all employees to continuously improve their performance, assigning challenging objectives that are fairly and transparently monitored and measured.


    COIMA’s new Headquarters in Piazza Gae Aulenti aims to represent the realization of this approach. For its construction, approximately 30% of COIMA’s personnel were involved, with activities aimed at defining a wish list of characteristics of the new offices.

COIMA’s people follow a personalized training path, structured on the basis of the needs of the individual and focused not only on technical training, but also on cross skills. The individual training plan, maps out the specific needs, and is structured in agreement with the heads of the various functions.

COIMA believes strongly in listening to people and that everyone can contribute to transforming the company into a “Great Place to Work”. To demonstrate this, at the end of 2018 it introduced a work environment survey involving the entire population, to identify the company’s main areas for improvement, with the aid of comparison with the top international players. The results were then shared with all employees during the Corporate Update at the beginning of 2019.

The topics surveyed covered all aspects of life at COIMA, including ethics, trust in the management, team spirit, training and career growth opportunities, work-life balance, compensation, etc. Reflecting COIMA’s status as a player of excellence in the real estate sector, the areas of greatest satisfaction were those closest to the business itself, including integrity (82%) and trust in the management (79%). Topics such as diversity (91%) and sustainability and innovation (both 83%) also won very positive rating. Last but not least, a strong feeling of pride in belonging to COIMA (88%) emerged; many people stated their intention of staying with us over the long term, rising to 92% amongst junior ranks.

However, there are still many areas in which the company wishes to invest in. In particular, the company needs to better balance the distribution of workloads within teams, complete its technology investment projects and further reinforce its organisation by recruiting staff. In 2019 COIMA has already taken steps in this direction by increasing its population by 18% over the previous year, while also dealing with the normal rate of staff turnover. Specifically, 31 senior, middle and junior-ranking professionals were added to the workforce. There will also be a considerable increase in the first semester of 2020.

With regard to compensation policies, the company will invest in supplementary welfare and pension packages in order to be more competitive on a particularly dynamic labour market, and in response to people’s needs. These projects are under development and will get under way in 2020.