Who We Are

COIMA is a leading group for the investment, development and management of property assets on behalf of international and Italian institutional investors. Active in the Italian real estate sector since 1974, among its most important projects, the group has developed and still manages the Porta Nuova neighborhood, one of the most prestigious urban regeneration plans in Europe.

The companies composing the group, controlled by COIMA Holding, are COIMA SGR, Investment & Asset manager which manages 27 alternative real estate investment funds; COIMA REM, Project & Property manager of properties for over 5 million square meters; COIMA HT, a company that operates in the technological and digital field to support the processes of urban regeneration and digital transformation of physical spaces; Residenze Porta Nuova, a brokerage service company in the residential sector, currently directly controlled by COIMA SGR. The COIMA Image company, active in space planning and interior design, is also part of the group.


A company authorised in 2007 by Banca d’Italia, it operates in Investment & Asset Management. Today, it manages 27 real estate investment funds, approximately Euro 8.4 billion in operational investments and Euro 2.4 billion of acquisitions completed in the last 24 months. It counts 172 properties in its portfolio, with 76% on GAV LEED certified or pre-certified.


Founded in 1974 by the Catella family along with Domo Media, is a company dedicated to Development & Property Management and acts as a trusted partner for investors, dealing with development and management projects of real estate assets, providing qualified technical experience fundamental in the process of creating value for investments and in controlling operational risks. It manages 100 properties, of which 45% of the total area are LEED certified.


Founded in 2020, it operates in the technological and digital field, with the aim of supporting the process of urban regeneration and transformation of physical areas by creating "phygital" experiences in line with the most advanced market trends and responding to the needs of tenants and of the users of the buildings, with the result of increasing the value of the assets and the level of satisfaction and well-being of those who live the spaces every day.

Residenze Porta Nuova Agency

Real estate company founded in 2009, made up of professionals with twenty years of experience, specialized in the sales of residential properties. It is responsible for managing the sales of the Porta Nuova project’s residences in Milan: Bosco Verticale, Residenze dei Giardini, Torre Solaria, Torre Aria, Torre Solea , Le Ville di Porta Nuova.


Founded in ‘80s, it is an architectural design, Interior Design and Space Planning studio, whose mission is to create environments and places of the highest quality and contextual sensitivity, through design excellence.
At the foundation of each project is the collaborative process with the customer to perform quality work in terms of design research, analysis, detailed execution, aesthetics, sustainability, user experience and respect for costs and implementation times.

Additional organizations complete the range of businesses covered by the companies of the group:


Founded in 2015 and listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2016, COIMA RES is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) focussed on the development and active management of a high-quality real estate portfolio with a high sustainability content, mainly concentrated on the Milan office segment. COIMA RES aims to offer to its shareholders a balanced risk-return profile characterized by a stable and sustainable dividend and by the potential for appreciation of the real estate portfolio over time.

Fondazione Riccardo Catella

Since 2007, the Foundation has promoted civic and cultural initiatives with the aim to foster the sustainable and responsible practices in territorial planning and development, encouraging community engagement to improve urban life.

Big Spaces

Active since 2013 and controlled by the Riccardo Catella Foundation since 2019, the venue management company is in charge of promoting, marketing and managing the external and internal spaces of Porta Nuova, and is also dedicated to the realization of events, television, advertising and film productions under the Milano City Studios brand.


More than

40 +

years of experience

More than

200 +

professionals of the COIMA platform

More than

2.4 Bln

of acquisitions in the last 24 months

More than

8.4 Bln

euros under management on behalf of leading international and domestic institutional investors

More than

5 + Mln

of square meters developed and managed

More than


of LEED certified properties

**Total asset value of the managed funds, assuming to invest the available capital on the basis of the financial leverage permitted by the fund management rules