Who We Are

Since 1974, COIMA has been a leader in the italian real estate sector, promoter of some of the largest and most innovative transactions in the last several years. In over 40 years, COIMA* has structured and reinforced its experience thanks to the expertise and passion of a team of qualified and motivated professionals.
COIMA’s platform is comprised of 3 main independent organizations, whose business operations are developed along the entire supply chain.


Founded in 1974 by the Catella family along with Domo Media, is a company dedicated to Development & Property Management. COIMA Srl’s mission is to represent for the investors a trusted partner for the development and real estate portfolio management, with the believe that a qualified technical expertise is crucial in creating value in investments, and managing operational risks. COIMA srl manages 83 buildings, with 55% of the total surface LEED certified.


A company authorized in 2007 by Banca d’Italia, operates in Investment & Asset Management. Today, it manages 22 real estate investment funds, approximately Euro 5.8 billion in operational investments and Euro 500 million of acquisitions completed in the last 24 months. It counts 143 properties in its portfolio, with 52 % on GAV LEED certified.


Created in 2015 and listed in 2016, it performs investment and real estate asset management activities, with assets primarily comprised of commercial properties, focused to generate stable, growing and sustainable financial return facilitated by tax regime applied to SIIQs (Società di Investimento Immobiliare Quotate - Listed Real Estate Investment Trust). It accounts of 54% on GAV LEED Certified, with an additional 6% in the process to be certified.

The platform also carries out its activities with the integration of the following skills:


Founded in partnership with COIMA Srl in the ’80s, it is specialized in architectural and interior design services, operating through both space planning for corporate clients and interior design for high-end residences.

Fondazione Riccardo Catella

Since 2007, the Foundation has promoted civic and cultural initiatives with the aim to foster the sustainable and responsible practices in territorial planning and development, encouraging community engagement to improve urban life.

IN.G.RE Infrastrutture Garibaldi Repubblica S.c.r.l.

This is the special purpose company founded by Private Parties which, in 2005, subscribed the municipality agreement of Integrated Plan of Intervention for “Garibaldi Repubblica” (Convenzione del Piano Integrato di Intervento “Garibaldi Repubblica”) with the aim of developing the urban planning and territorial requalification works envisaged under the Plan.

Residenze Porta Nuova Agency

This is the agency managing the residential sales in the Porta Nuova district in Milan. The residences in the portfolio are Bosco Verticale, Le Residenze dei Giardini, Aria, Solaria, Solea, Le Ville di Porta Nuova.


More than

40 +

years of experience

More than

200 +

professionals of the COIMA platform

More than

3 + Bln

of acquisitions in the last 3 years

More than

5.8 Bln

euros under management on behalf of leading international and domestic institutional investors

More than

5 + Mln

of square meters developed and managed

More than


of LEED certified properties

* With the term COIMA, reference is made to the set of 3 companies of the platform. Data reported and referring to “COIMA” represents the integration of COIMA SGR, COIMA SRL, COIMA RES.