Development Management

COIMA development management coordinates the entire supply chain of the development process, from design and consultancy to the coordination of the initial feasibility analysis, from the management of the design and planning phase to the building permits, to the execution plan.

2018 had been an important year, focused on design and planning activities, which follows a period of analysis and research on issues that are transforming the real estate sector. These transformations will drive innovation of real estate products, which are increasingly technological and based upon the centrality of the person and the services offered.

Franco Gerbino

Director, Development Management

COIMA maintains a constant focus on product quality, timeframes for construction and development costs, with particular attention to sustainability and innovation factors, including in the area of construction techniques. The Development Management activities ensure the creation of value over the long term for investors and for the urban context. COIMA Development Management manages tender procedures for the selection of contractors and the General Contractor. Once the General Contractor has been selected, COIMA coordinates and manages the construction activities which include the management of Works Supervision, the selection of Consultants in charge of the safety of building sites, Testers and the handling of relationships with stakeholders involved in the construction phase.