Sustainable Innovation Committee

Analysing and interpreting the evolving scenario, The Sustainable Innovation Committee (SIC) has been tasked with monitoring the macro environment and acting as driver for the integration and implementation of new sustainability and innovation practices in line with the business strategy and the principles of sustainable urban development.

The SIC, founded as a working group in 2017 and transformed into a technical-consultative committee by the Board on the recommendation of the CEO in April 2021, supports Top Management in the management of ESG issues and plays a central role in both the investment process and property asset management. Working with the Head of Sustainability & Communication, the Committee’s purpose is to promote all ESG criteria within the company, with a special focus on topics linked to innovation and environmental and social sustainability.

The SIC supervises the company’s management of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), Impact Investing and product innovation issues, as well as submitting recommendations to the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors, which also consults the Conflicts Committee and the Fund Consultative Committees before reaching a decision, if necessary.

The SIC maintains an action plan, inspired by the Sustainability Policy, which sets ESG goals over a three-year period, monitoring their progress and making any updates on an annual basis.

Specific projects linked to ESG topics are managed through the creation of Working Groups, which manage individual projects for a more agile approach, and includes the COIMA Group members necessary for achievement of its goals.

During 2020 the SIC and the COIMA SGR management made a major contribution through the development of the COIMA “Charter”, a proprietary tool for the quantitative assessment of the achievement of sustainability goals in investments.

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