COIMA aims to demonstrate its responsibility toward all stakeholders and, consequently, for each “Root”, a measurable matrix has been developed, used to monitor performances of developments and the management activities and improvements over time. Through COIMA Roots, the Sustainable Innovation Committee has aimed to develop its values through an analysis of “ESG” matters on which COIMA aims to measure its performance.

Environmental (E) to measure our impact on nature, architectural and urban beauty.
Social (S) to address social inclusion, human issues and happiness.
Governance (G) to measure our knowledge, services, ethics of every investment and transparency toward stakeholders.

For each “Root”, COIMA has associated a monitoring and measurement procedure, that will be expanded over time, and for which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be defined and used to compare project perfomance, now and in the future. COIMA’s goal is to ensure that in all investments, regeneration and development projects, and in all phases of the operation and management of the properties, it would be possible to compare our work into concrete and measurable actions, with the “eight roots” of COIMA.

Tabella matrice responsabilità