COIMA has developed, following a holistic and detailed approach, a high-quality real estate portfolio which it manages, integrating sustainability, innovation and digitalization.

COIMA firmly believes that investing in cities requires attention to communities and future generations. Through a dedicated governance framework, COIMA has developed a method for generating, measuring and monitoring its sustainable, social and economic performance.

Kelly Russell Catella


Managing Director Marketing, CSR & Investor Relations
Chairman Sustainable Innovation Committee – COIMA
Managing Director - Fondazione Riccardo Catella


Innovation and sustainability are distinguishing features of COIMA’s approach, and constitute key factors in gaining the market’s appreciation. In order to strengthen our solid grasp and dedication to these issues COIMA established a Sustainable Innovation Committee (in 2017). The commitee’s goal is to promote, manage and accelerate the integration of new practices for sustainability and innovation across all business divisions and to reinforce internal communications on best practices. The committee is composed by Executives covering a diverse range of professional expertise, experience and roles. The Sustainable Innovation Committee meets regularly to discuss the planning and progress of various sustainability and innovation initiatives defined in the three-year plan.

The next three years will be a period full of challenges, with a firm commitment toward the development of new projects and important urban developments, in which technological content, services offered and a focus on wellness will be central themes. In order to achieve our goal of sustainable economic development, which embraces environmental, social and governance issues, COIMA decided to become a member of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), an institution that classifies the ESG performances of real estate investment vehicles.

In 2018, we consolidated the Sustainable Innovation Committee. This is an important step for COIMA, which has created a structured governance dedicated to the development and implementation of market best practices on innovation, environmental and social sustainability and reporting of ESG performances for the entire operational platform.

Stefano Corbella


Sustainability Officer & Segretario Sustainable Innovation Committee