COIMA RES receives two Gold Awards from EPRA

COIMA RES has received from the European Public Real Estate Association (“EPRA”) two Gold Award for its 2017 Annual Report and its 2017 Sustainability Report.



The result confirms COIMA RES’ strong focus on transparency and in particular its attention to environmental, social and governance themes which have been two key aspects since its IPO. As a reminder, COIMA RES already received the two Gold Awards last year in relation to its first year of operation.

EPRA is the major association for the listed real estate sector in Europe. Its objective is to establish best practices in accounting, reporting and corporate governance, to provide high-quality information to investors and to create a framework for debate and decision-making on the issues that determine the future of the sector. COIMA RES has been a member of EPRA since 2016.

COIMA RES received the two Gold Awards in the context of the EPRA Conference. The conference is one of the main events for the listed real estate sector in Europe. The event took place in Berlin on September 4th, 5th and 6th, 2018.