COIMA RES named digital improver in the Webranking Comprend 2018

COIMA RES named as one of the best improvers included in the Italian Webranking conducted by Comprend.


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In its second participation, COIMA RES was named as one of the best improvers included in the Italian Webranking conducted by Comprend, the leading European survey carried out in Italy by the research firm Lundquist, which assesses the transparency in digital channels of listed companies, based upon their stakeholders’ fundamental requirements.

In particular, the website, which was restyled in 2018, is ranked as the 4th best Improver by points attained (+25.8) and 2nd best Improver in terms of improvement in ranking position, with a ranking of 41st place (out of 111 companies assessed) boasting a 54-place jump in the national ranking with respect to the previous year.

The success of COIMA RES’ site stems from a strategy focusing on greater clarity in the presentation of key information toward various stakeholders. This positive result was achieved thanks to a consistent narration that starts with the presentation of the company’s key information and data, covering strategies and concrete objectives, as well as issues related to governance, innovation and sustainability. It is a website that also offers a strengthened user experience through the optimization of information flows and the introduction of new search sections.

The Webranking study has revealed a scenario of general improvement in Italian performances and a significant reduction in the gap with respect to other countries, showing the growing importance of the digital channel and the rising standards offered to stakeholders. According to Joakim Lundquist, CEO of Lundquist and Webranking executive Italy,

“many Italian companies have achieved a solid level of disclosure on digital platforms and understand that in order to compete on international markets, being subject to the uncertainty of the country system here in Italy, it is now necessary to do more. The challenge is no longer simply ensuring transparency, but first and foremost presenting oneself in a credible and authoritative manner to all stakeholders in order to bolster one’s own business and grow in new markets.”

“The Webranking study constitutes a transparency stress test, as it measures the gap between information presented by companies and stakeholders’ requests” remarks Sara Rusconi, Partner and head of content strategy Lundquist. “This year, 70% of the companies surveyed registered an increase in their performance, showing an average growth in scores of 4.4 points over last year. Looking at the best improvers, including COIMA RES which distinguished itself with over 25 points, we note a change in rhythm: while last year, 12 companies had improved by over 10 points, this year such figure climbed to 16.”

“The web is one of the most important points of contact with stakeholders and constitutes a fundamental communication tool”

concluded Lorenzo Barbato, COIMA Marketing & Communication Director.

“For a listed company, this assumption is even more meaningful since clear and thorough communications constitute a value for the market as well. This recognition is, for us, a first step and driver to continue to focus on digital communications in order to continue to provide increasingly convincing answers to our investors.”