#2 2021


Urban Stories is our contribution to the discussion
about how to make our cities better

     Created the COIMA Group
      Target AUM of €10 billion in the next three years, strategy based on urban, ESG and digital regeneration. Investments of up to a further €5 billion over the next five years.

Project Backstage | Wise Views

Connected and inclusive: the features of future cities

In a few years, the centre and suburbs, city and countryside will be outdated models. We talked about it with Mario Calabresi and the protagonists of the dialogue Regeneration Italy: Renzo Piano, Manfredi Catella, Francesca Bria e Pietro Salini, telling us about their vision on the urban spaces of the future.

Real Estate Insights | Wise Views

Parco Romana, the new poetics of ecology

Architect Carlo Ratti tells Urban Stories how the ambitious project of redeveloping the historic Porta Romana district, focusing on residents and visitors’ well-being and sustainability, came about.

Real Estate Insights | Wise Views

The Recovery Fund will improve our cities

Silvia Rovere’s vision on the importance of European Funds to rethink Italian cities as smart cities.

Welcome to Portanuova

COIMA launches the communication channels of Portanuova Milano, a glance on the neighborhood to participate in events, work out and relax together with the whole community.


Bottega Veneta: at Palazzo San Fedele the brand’s new HQ in Milan

Redeveloment works will renew the prestige of the building, preserving and enriching the elegance and beauty of its original spaces. Created between 1870 and 1872.

Masterplan Romana Railway Yard: the team led by Outcomist wins

Project aligned with the protocols of the Paris Agreement, the European Green Deal and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan defined at the level of the United Nations SDG.

Annual Report 2020

COIMA RES publishes the consolidated financial statements. The Report has won for the fourth consecutive year the Gold Award by EPRA for financial and sustainability reporting.

COIMA RES FY Results 2020

Gross rents growth of 19%; collected 99% of 2020 rents due; net operating profit (EPRA earnings) growth of 25%.



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