#1 2021


Urban Stories is our contribution to the discussion
about how to make our cities better

      In the race for Romana railway yard
      6 teams have been shortlisted for the development of Porta Romana railway yard’s masterplan: 47 multidisciplinary groups made up of 329 companies from 14 Countries.

Cities for people | Wise Views

The cities of the future? People-friendly, according to Stefano Boeri

In an ever-changing environment, critical events and climate change are forcing us to consider the relationship between people, nature and the spaces we live in, in a brand-new way.

Real Estate Insights | Wise Views

Universities and urban innovation

Ferruccio Resta, Rector of Politecnico di Milano, illustrates the key role of universities as actors of urban regeneration in the cities of the future.

Real Estate Insights | Cities for People

Italy’s land is the most valuable resource for its recovery

In moments of crisis, it is vital to know how to seize opportunities, enhancing resources in an innovative and responsible way. The prospects for our country in the words of Manfredi Catella.


FY 2020 results: resilient portfolio performance and strong financial results

COIMA RES results for 2020 reflect the quality of its portfolio of assets and tenants.

Manifattura Tabacchi Lucca: a Project Financing proposal

The project aims to be an example of excellence replicable in the regeneration of Italian historical centres.

COIMA SGR, Covivio and Prada Holding S.p.A. win the tender for Porta Romana railway yard in Milan

The 190.000 sqm area will host the athletes of the Winter Olympics 2026.

COIMA forerunner of the WiredScore protocol in Italy

The construction of buildings and infrastructure with a high degree of digital connectivity aligns with the Next Generation EU programme.



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