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#1 2020



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Welcome Developers must create districts that enrich the lives of communities, preserving environmental and social conditions for future generations.

Sustainability | Projects Backstage

Cities, capital and skills for a sustainable recovery

Italy, the land of a thousand bell towers, can be a sustainable regional development model as alternative to megacity concentration.

Real Estate Insights | Projects Backstage

Milan, development and opportunity

Covid-19 emergency has emptied its streets, but Milan restarts its journey of growth overcoming this stumbling block. It continues to strengthen its position as the most dynamic city in Italy, increasing its ability to attract both students and young workers.

Sustainability | Wise Views

Sustainable architecture restarts from wood

The construction industry is today protagonist of a major breakthrough, which will see the growth of architectural works with the lowest environmental impact realized with green materials. Wood is one of them.

Cities for People | Projects Backstage

Back to the open air

Porta Nuova has restarted with renewed social interaction methods, contents, a “green beach” for urban holidaymakers and Milano City Studios.


UBI Banca chooses Gioia 22 for its new HQ in Milan

The building will be the first Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Building tower in Italy - UBI Banca has simultaneously transferred a portfolio of 7 properties to COIMA.

Q1 Results: resilient portfolio and ample liquidity

COIMA RES has entered the current economic crisis in a strong position, with a high-quality office portfolio in Milan and a well-diversified tenant base.

COIMA City Lab’s Chart for urban regeneration

COIMA City Lab, the think tank for sustainable urban regeneration, presented its charter "Undertaking for great cities".

Porta Nuova
Garibaldi fund wins MSCI Award

Investors more than doubled their equity invested in the last four years. The fund awarded as the best performing in Italy.



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